Sigma Anti-Idling System – the game changer in fuel consumption reduction for Heavy Earthmoving Equipment

Saving costs has never been as important in the mining industry as it is now. With the end of the mining construction boom, there is a large amount of pressure on reducing costs and downtime whilst still delivering production totals. Lyons are proud to announce that we have recently installed the first few Sigma Anti-Idling systems to HME equipment on minesites in the Pilbara and Lower South West region of our state and with enormous help from Knorr – Bremse / Sigma Air conditioning we are looking forward to providing our customers with a quality built product that has the reputation of Sigma Air conditioning attached with the workmanship quality of our Lyons technician staff.

Benefits of the system include:

Fuel consumption reductions by not having the engine running to maintain cabin temperature
Larger time intervals between services due to the engine being shut down instead of idling
CO2 emissions to be dramatically reduced therefore reducing the carbon footprint per machine
Shuts down the engine providing a quieter work space whilst the machine does not need to be running however still provides the cabin comfort required by the operator
Lyons are proud to be an authorised dealer of this product and with our fully trained fleet of service technicians we are able to carry out the installations of this product anywhere across the state. We are excited to be part of what we see as the next big revolution in fuel consumption savings for heavy earthmoving equipment and would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this system. Please feel free to contact me directly

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