MCC’s Australian technical sales team works closely with both the OEM and the operator to design. MCC’s newest family member Eco 136e completes the portfolio of compact and super efficient roof mount A/C systems designed to meet all OEM bus requirements. the optimal climate package

Mobile Climate Control - MCC Bus air conditioning. The Eco 136 product family offers very adaptable and flexible heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for ideal passenger comfort in city buses, intercity buses and coaches.




Lyons is the Australian market distributor and service agent for MCC products. Mobile Climate Control (MCC) HVAC division develops customised high performance HVAC systems for city, intercity, shuttle, school and touring buses, making even the most extreme hot or cold weather pleasant. MCC’s products are designed to withstand rigorous conditions found in WA and Australian outback.

For over 30 years, Mobile Climate Control has been providing exceptional climate control solutions for some of the largest bus manufacturers in the world. This experience enables MCC to accurately determine what type of approach is best suited for each client. MCC is committed to working in partnership with our clients,

offering our support from the initial concept all the way to the streets and highways. Our goal is to ensure that our customers provide a comfortable travel experience for the end users, the drivers and passengers.

The HVAC climate control system is capable of controlling the temperature and maintaining the humidity levels of the interior of the bus. The HVAC unit may either be roof or rear-mounted. Note that a rear-mounted unit will preclude a rear window and that the term “roof-mounted unit” includes units mounted on top of or beneath the roof surface. For Electric AC high-voltage electric driven A/C system with semi-hermetic or equivalent AC compressor, low or high-voltage driven condenser fan & evaporator blower motors and optional brushless AC generator.

Extensive Range of Bus and Coach air-conditioning options for mining, transport and bus manufacturers

Mobile Climate Control MCC Bus-Coach Selection Chart