Versatility, Reliability and Protection

By creating a positive cabin pressure with fresh filtered air, operators are less fatigued, safer and more productive.

With more than 30 years industry experience in cabin pressuriser and filtration, Lyons has developed the CP range of pressurisers. Used throughout the mining, civil and construction industry as a preferred filtration option to protect and safeguard operators and equipment. The CP range offers West Australian innovation in pressurisers and filtration and trusted in industry as the is the go to option for  ingenuity and local supply.

CP Overview

The CP range are a multi stage cabin pressuriser units which will deliver pressured filtered air. These unit are manufactured for installation on mining and earthmoving equipment to pressurise a sealed cabin and prevent CP range of cabin Air filtrationdust and airborne contaminant entry. The pressuriser is wired to run with the cabin air-conditioner or when the ignition is turned on.

  • Safety: Prevents the ingress of dangerous chemicals, noxious smells and any ambient pollutants
  • Versatility: Multi directional outlets with left or right hand options to run 24v and 12v
  • Filtration: Merv 14, Hepa, carbon and custom combination options available
  • Design: Robust and minimal to ensure performance and installation challenges are achieved


CP060 cabin pressuriserLyons built CP060 has been a mainstay in the mining industry for almost 2 decades. The Cp060 cabin pressuriser comes with MERV14 filtration as required by industry standard. It is known for it’s robust steel construction proudly built in Australia specifically for Australian conditions.

The CP060 provides 45 – 55 litres per second of filtered air to create positive pressure in a number of applications including earthmoving machines, truck tool boxes, crushing equipment and anywhere dust ingress is an issue.



CP125 Cabin pressuriser filtrationCP125 Cabin pressuriser filtrationThe CP125-KS-R combines a Sy-Klone RESPA-CF pressuriser with an activated carbon media filter. Air flow is a significant 50 litres per second measured at the outlet. The “PuraGRID” carbon filter dimension is 595 x 290 x 85 weighing 7.1 kg (about 14 litres). Excellent for “acid gas” including SO2 & sulphide fume absorption. This filter has an incredible air to carbon contact area and low air restrictions compared to older carbon filters. Other carbon
media is available for different toxic gases.

The RESPA-CF comes standard with a high quality M16 grade filter media and an excellent built in pre-cleaning system to maximise filter service life. You can upgrade the filter to “HEPA” grade.

Lyons highly recommends that a Cabin Pressure Sensor to be installed to equipment cabins that work in hazardous environments to alert the operator of a low pressure occurrence or harmfully vapour entry into the cabin.

Uses:Sy-Klone pressure monitor Use the CP125-KS where control rooms, material handling equipment and earthmoving equipment are located or work where they may encounter hazardous vapour environments.

Options: SyKlone HEPA filter. Alternative carbon medias can be ordered to remove formaldehyde, VOCs, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, ammonia, amines and chlorine.


CP300 cabin pressuriser and filtration system

The CP300-240 Volt pressuriser has been designed to provide 80 litres/per second of filtered air to pressurise and ensure important enclosures such as electrical cabinets are kept dust free. The CP300-240 Volt is proudly Australian designed and built and as such spare parts are readily available.

The pressuriser utilizes a Topspin© pre-cleaner for longer filter life. The pressuriser is also available for applications where less airflow is required.

Suitable for: Switch rooms, enclosures, electrical boxes, mains power supplies, fixed plant cabins



CP060 Cabin Pressuriser CP060 Cabin Pressuriser for dozers, loaders, graders, drills for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, Sandvik, and many other heavy vehicles