New Truck Air Conditioning Regulation To Take Effect

If you work in trucking, then you’re familiar with Hot Shot services. These are express freight transport runs where trucks with two drivers stay on the road all day and night, reaching their far-away destination as quickly as physically possible. They’re a great option, and they’re very popular. With two drivers, one is at the wheel while the other sleeps, and there’s always a second person to help prevent problems and to step in if there’s an emergency. In many ways, it’s a good idea.


The Recent Perth Truck Explosion: Why It Won’t Happen To Our Clients

In April, the refrigerant-contaminated air in the cab of a truck caught fire and severely injured the driver and passenger. The scariest thing is that it could have been much worse. They were driving slowly down a suburban street in Perth at the time, and they managed to jump out the doors and escape the flames in the cab. Nobody other than the occupants was injured, but if the same thing had happened on a crowded city freeway, then the results could have been catastrophic.