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What is this new refrigerant R1234yf and when will it impact your company?

This is a question here at Lyons that we are beginning to get asked constantly, ‘What is this new refrigerant R1234yf and when will it affect my business? ” Now of course, this question does vary over the differing industries that a company such as Lyons deals with however we will do our best in this blog to answer some of the common questions to assist our customers with a better understanding.


Electric compressors – the future of mobile machine air conditioning?

Engine driven airconditioning compressors were first readily installed to mobile air conditioning in vehicles when a company called Packard started installing “Bishop and Babcock Weather conditioners” to vehicles in 1939. Engine driven A/C compressors utilise a belt that is driven off the motor to turn the compressor over to pump the refrigerant around the airconditioning system.