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Diesel Particulate Matter and why we need to avoid it

Earlier this month the Cancer Council Australia released an article which has created a few shock waves throughout the transport industry. Whilst airborne particulates such as asbestos have been in the public eye for the damage it can cause those who inhale it, Diesel Particulate Matter or DPM as it is often called and the dangers of this particulate is not as well known and identified as a hazardous material to the extent of asbestos.

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Remote Air Conditioning Charging – Earthmoving Equipment Focus

Safety in mining has come along leaps and bounds since the “early days” of tank tops, shorts and thongs. Whilst mining is still in essence a dangerous job, the risk avoidance procedures that the mining industry has taken upon itself to implement to protect the safety and well being of the employees in the industry is a compliment to the industry. However even with these safeguards and protections in place, unfortunately accidents can occur. Testing and commisioning has been identified as one of the periods of time where accidents have the potential to occur on a mine site and as such we will offer safety solutions below to assist with this in the field of earthmoving airconditioning.