Air con maintenance tips

During the summer heat, your vehicles air conditioner would be working overtime trying to beat that Australian heat. If you sweated your way through last summer and had to spend a lot of cash for repairs, you may be wondering how you can extend the life of your vehicles air con and stay cooler for longer

There is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to prevent many repair issues by conducting some simple AC preventative maintenance. Getting your air con tuned up and ready for those hot days is imperative not only for your comfort, but also for the reliability and longevity of your system.

Here are 7 air con preventative maintenance tips to help prevent breakdowns

1. Check for electrical issues
Inspect all wiring and electrical connections to find and fix loose connections and worn wires before they cause a power loss or affects the performance of your AC

2. Check for worn parts
Check for worn belts and pulleys that can get loose or wear out and snap over time

Clean Evaporator and condenser

3. Clean dirty coils
Your air conditioner has evaporator and condenser coils that transfer heat. When the coils get coated with dirt and grime, it can’t effectively transfer heat. That makes your system work harder, run longer and increases the load on the fan motor and compressor can cause them to fail.

4. High or Low refrigerant charge
Refrigerant is the substance running through your AC that removes the heat. Sometimes small holes or cracks in the refrigerant lines can develop, causing the system to leak refrigerant. When that happens, your system gradually loses cooling power until it can’t cool your space at all.

5. Filthy fan blades
The fans in your vehicle especially if driving through dusty roads are exposed to contaminants. When the blades get coated with grime, the fan speed can slow down, putting a strain on the motor and eventually causing it to fail. Cleaning the blades during easily prevents this problem.

6. Air flow problems
Faulty fan motors, blocked ducts, clogged filters, and other air flow issues can cause your system to cool ineffectively and can lead to frozen coils and even a burned-out compressor. Finding and fixing airflow issues can prevent a much more expensive problem.

7. Clean and replace filters
Many overlook the importance of cleaning and replacing AC filters such as your pollen filter and receiver dryer. These should be regularly maintained to prevent blockages and to remove contaminants that run through your AC system or breathing in.
Poor maintenance is more expensive and inconvenient in the long run. Air con preventative maintenance will keep you cooler for longer.

Having an expert who can help with your maintenance, service or even choosing the right air-conditioning can be invaluable. Lyons is the “Largest Independent Auto Electrical Wholesaler and repairer”, specialising in air-conditioning, and cabin filtration. Call us now on (08) 9259 7777 or email and speak to one of our experts to make sure you are chilled this summer.