Four Levels of Heat-Related Illness

Western Australia is always hot during the summer. Add a heat wave on top of that, and it’s nothing short of dangerous. When going to work means ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’, the health implications can be serious. As a whole, these problems are usually referred to as ‘heat stress’ or ‘heat illness’, and the West Australia government gives some information and advice on their Worksafe website. Here’s a quick break-down: four types of heat-related illness roughly in order of severity.


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Worksafe’s Advice on Mining Air Conditioning

Every employee and contractor has the right to expect a working environment that is as safe and comfortable as the job allows. At minimum, that means attention to health and safety on the part of the employer. If workplace risks can’t be eliminated, then they should be approached with awareness and minimised as much as possible. Everyone knows that this way of thinking applies to things like the risk of falling, the use of dangerous tools and machines, and exposure to potentially harmful substances. However, the work environment itself can pose a risk, especially if the temperature is far too hot or too cold. Workers have a right to expect an environment that allows for a reasonable level of comfort, and smart employers know that an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment means workers will not be as productive.