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Auto Air Conditioner Tips You Should Know

When you have automotive air conditioning, it’s very important that it works properly. Perth gets very hot during the summer months, and the scorching heat means it can be hard to get anything done if you don’t have a way of cooling down. Being in your vehicle on long trips, or even short ones, isn’t any fun when the weather is too warm and you don’t have cool air in the cabin. Without air conditioning, it can also get very stuffy and almost difficult to breathe. Cool air just makes everything better and a lot more comfortable.

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The Importance Of Servicing Your Truck’s Air Conditioning In Winter

When it’s winter, the last thing you probably think of is your truck’s air conditioning. Even with cold temperatures, though, it is important to keep that system serviced and working properly. It’s often easier to get an appointment to have your vehicle’s air conditioning serviced during the winter months, because there is less demand for cold air blowing through a truck. You can also work on your own vehicle if you can get the right parts and equipment. No matter how you choose to service your air conditioning – yourself or by taking it to Lyon’s Air Conditioning – you’ll want to make sure it’s ready when summer comes around.

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A Waeco Fridge For Your Truck

Waeco was founded in 1974 based on a single, very useful innovation: a battery-operated refrigerator. Waeco mobile refrigeration products were originally designed to be used on board boats. There was pent-up demand for the product, and the portable refrigerators quickly became popular. The company grew rapidly. Waeco’s German engineers perfected and adapted the original design, and they were able to expand into new markets. Before long, they were working with vehicle manufacturers as well as selling directly to consumers. In 1981, they partnered with a large car air conditioning company, Italy’s DIAVIA. Since 2007, Waeco has been a division of Dometic, an American mobile refrigeration company.


Is Your Truck Air Conditioning Failing?

You are a WA trucker. You are hauling loads between clients and towns, to and from mines and all over the wilds of Western Australia. You are driving in some of the world is most punishing heat, and it seems to be getting worse every year. The ground all around is red, the road is a ribbon of dust and outside the protection of your trucks air conditioned cab, you know it is just about the closest it gets to hell on earth.

If you are smart, you know that you cannot afford to have the air conditioning in your truck fail. The heat in WA can be deadly and the inside of an un-airconditioned truck is like an oven. With the heat waves we have seen in recent years, driving without dependable air-conditioning is not just uncomfortable. It is dangerous.