A Waeco Fridge For Your Truck

Waeco was founded in 1974 based on a single, very useful innovation: a battery-operated refrigerator. Waeco mobile refrigeration products were originally designed to be used on board boats. There was pent-up demand for the product, and the portable refrigerators quickly became popular. The company grew rapidly. Waeco’s German engineers perfected and adapted the original design, and they were able to expand into new markets. Before long, they were working with vehicle manufacturers as well as selling directly to consumers. In 1981, they partnered with a large car air conditioning company, Italy’s DIAVIA. Since 2007, Waeco has been a division of Dometic, an American mobile refrigeration company.

Today, Waeco fridges can be found onboard caravans, cars, trucks and boats as well as on worksites and occasionally, beaches. Did you know that Waeco has expanded their line to include mobile kitchens? They’ve got microwaves, coffee makes and kettles, all powered by batteries. They also make retrofit vehicle air conditioners and other automotive accessories. However, in this post we’re going to focus on the Waeco product that Australian truckers love most: the Waeco fridge.

The Waeco Fridge

Everyone has seen portable Waeco fridges, and there’s barely a trucker down under that doesn’t have one. These Coolfreeze units are efficient, durable and long lasting. It’s no wonder that they’re practically compulsory for long hauls. If you’re a trucker, your cab is your office and sometimes your dining room and your bedroom, too. A Waeco Coolmatic or Coolfreeze can make it a lot more comfortable and functional. The Coolmatic can open in one easy movement, and the larger model includes a freezer compartment. The Coolfreeze is compact and has a detachable top that opens to the side.

Waeco doesn’t just make portable refrigerators, however. They also make refrigerators that can be fully integrated with your cab. This is a fantastic option if it will work with your truck, because it will allow the refrigerator to be tucked away, yet still accessible. Ask us which trucks have Waeco fridges that are designed specifically to fit into their nooks and crannies. Waeco fridges also come in pull-out drawer configurations, and those can be retrofitted into still more models. Take a look at our Waeco fridge page and check out the manufacturer’s website to see all of the options that are available.

Lyons Air conditioning and Waeco Truck Fridges

We can send you parts if you want or need to fix it yourself. We can sell you a new Waeco mobile cooler, too, whether it’s for a truck, a boat, a caravan or anywhere else you need a good, battery operated fridge. Ask us about our Waeco retrofit air conditioners, too. They fit many of the most popular truck models.

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