A Portable Fridge Can Make Your Job Site A Cooler Place

There are many great ways to stay cool and comfortable on the job, like the right truck air conditioning or mining air conditioning. There’s more to it than just comfort in the cabin, though. You also need a place to have food and drinks that will stay cool, for you and your workers to have throughout the day. That’s where a portable fridge from Lyons Air Conditioning comes in. With options from Waeco and Engel, you can get the fridge you want at a price you can afford, and have the reliability and durability you expect for your jobsite. Both brands give you great quality, and Lyons Air can supply parts and servicing, so you never have to worry about where you can take your fridge if it needs maintenance or repair.

Only Quality Portable Fridges

Many auto electrical suppliers sell portable fridges in Perth, but the suppliers – and their fridges – aren’t all created equal. When you choose to buy from us, you get our quality and service, along with brand name portable fridges we know, trust, and recommend. You can also get auto electrical parts from us, and everything you need for your truck air conditioning. With so many auto air conditioning and portable fridge options in one place, there’s no reason to ever go anywhere else. Keeping your drinks cold and your food safe to eat on the jobsite is important, so you need a portable fridge you can really rely on. Engel and Waeco are both great fridges, so you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose.

We offer Engel and Waeco brands, because we believe in both of those brands and the value they provide to everyone who uses them. We don’t just sell those brands, though. We also service them and provide parts, so you can have confidence that your fridge will run for a long time. If it ever needs maintenance or a repair, you can come to us and we have the parts and service you’ll require. We sell genuine accessories and replacement parts, and if you can’t find what you need a member of our parts team will help you locate what works for you and your brand of fridge.

Lyons Air Conditioning Reliability

Whether you need one portable fridge for a small number of people, or you’d rather have several fridges at different locations on a big jobsite, we can provide you with any number of fridges that will work for your needs. If you already have a Waeco or Engel fridge that needs parts or service, reaching out to us can help ensure that you get what you need to keep your fridge and your jobsite running smoothly through the heat of a Perth summer. With the right auto electrical parts company, you – and your food and drink – can be cool and comfortable all summer long. Contact Lyons Air Conditioning today to discuss your portable fridge needs.

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