Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Tips

When your automotive air conditioning is having trouble, your first thought might be to take it in for an expensive repair. While it might need the services of a professional, it is also possible that the problem is something you can fix on your own. Even if you cannot fix it, you might be able to figure out what the true problem is, which could save you time and money when you take your vehicle in to have it serviced with Lyons Air Conditioning in Perth. There are limited numbers of parts you can check on your air conditioning system, as some of the systems are sealed. If an internal part fails, an entire component may have to be replaced.

Basic Air Conditioning Checks

One of the first things to check if your truck air conditioning is having a problem is the filter. Air conditioning systems are dependent on a couple of things. They need coolant that circulates properly, as well as proper airflow. Air has to come into the system, be cooled, and then be sent out into the cabin where it keeps the driver comfortable. If the air is blocked from coming in to be cooled, or if the cooled air cannot flow easily into the cabin, the system can come under strain and the cabin air can remain too warm. Without correcting the airflow problem, the air conditioner may stop working, and further damage will be done.

A new filter for your auto air conditioning or mining air conditioning does not cost much, and you can get what you need from a company that sells auto air conditioning parts. The filter may not be the problem, though. There are many other parts that can fail on an air conditioning system; therefore, you may have to investigate further to discover what needs repair or replacement. If the filters are good, or if you have already replaced them and it has not helped, you will want to move on to checking the evaporator and the condenser. Both of those systems have to work in conjunction with each other to make sure you are getting the cooling you need in your truck or mining equipment cabin. If one fails, the other will not provide what is needed for proper cooling.

Leave It To The Experts

Do not underestimate the value of troubleshooting your own air conditioning system, and of maintaining it. Good auto electrical suppliers such as Lyons Air Conditioning will carry the parts you need, but with a better level of maintenance you may need those parts less often. Especially with mining equipment and trucks that are used on the jobsite, maintenance is very important. All the dust that is produced and the extreme summer heat can quickly take a toll on the air conditioning of any vehicle, but with the right maintenance and proper troubleshooting, you can have an air conditioning system that works well for the long term, even when it is very hot outside.

If your truck, car, mining, or earthmoving air conditioning needs expert service or repairs, turn to Lyons Air Conditioning. With mobile service technicians that cover the whole of W.A. and a warehouse full of electrical and air conditioning parts, they’ll have you back in business in double quick time. Contact Lyons Air Conditioning today to arrange your next service.

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