Brand Profile: Red Dot

Every so often, we’ve been featuring posts about companies in our supply chain, respected partners whose products we install or offer directly to our customers in Western Australian transport, construction and mining. Last year, we told you a little about Waeco, the classic German/American brand that sets the standard for mobile, battery-powered refridgerators. We’re a Waeco fridge retailer, and their products are favourites with our customers in transport and every other industry where work is often done on site, in remote locations and off the grid. Today, we’re going to take a look at Red Dot. Red Dot supplies many of the parts and systems we use in our truck and mining air conditioning installations, and we have many of their air conditioning parts online, too.

Who is Red Dot?

Red Dot is an American company with its roots in the 1950s. It began in Seattle, right across the pond in Washington State, with an automotive mechanic named Harky Runnings who had a flair for hand-building heaters for mail trucks. His reputation grew, and in just ten years, he’d grown his business from a single workshop to a well-run company specialising in climate control, including air conditioning, for commercial and institutional vehicles. The business grew under Harky’s leadership and by the 1980s, it had opened a dedicated research facility and was shipping products all over the world.
The story doesn’t end there, however. Harky was a visionary in how he ran the business as well as in developing new mobile heating and cooling technology. Red Dot pioneered the four-day workweek in the 1970s, and when Harky retired and sold the company in the year 2000, he sold it to the employees. Today, Red Dot is an employee-owned company, and everyone who works there, from engineers to assembly line workers, has a stake in the company’s future.

Why We Trust Red Dot’s Products

We trust Red Dot’s products because our 30 years of experience tell us they’re the best on the market, and we trust the company because we know everyone there is fully invested in its success. As a local, family-owned mobile air conditioning business that’s been growing steadily and building a good reputation in Western Australia, Lyon’s Air respects the way Red Dot is run. We work with Red Dot parts and systems every day, and we can see how the company’s philosophy promotes innovation and consistently high quality.

In Western Australia, the summer heat can be more than uncomfortable. For people working in remote places without dependable power and easily accessed medical care, it can be deadly. That’s why Lyon’s Air Conditioning works with Red Dot products. We want to provide our clients with air conditioning, ventilation and pressurisation systems that are dependable and function as expected, even in extreme conditions. That’s what Red Dot delivers.