Electrical Issues? Get Them Fixed Before They Become Serious

If one or more of your mission-critical pieces of equipment begins to exhibit signs of electrical issues, the importance of getting those small problems fixed before they become bigger (and much more expensive) ones cannot be overstated enough. In the world of auto electrical installation, “escalation” is the name of the game. What starts as a slight mobile air conditioning problem could quickly balloon into a catastrophic failure as all components of an electrical system are closely intertwined. Not only could this cause a piece of equipment that you need to be replaced before it’s time, it could also send your return on investment plummeting straight into the ground if you’re not careful.

The Snowball Effect

One of the biggest factors that affect the return on investment of your trucking or mining equipment is the snowball effect. While wear and tear is to be expected in such an intense and demanding environment, the key to making your equipment last as long as possible is maintenance. This means that you can’t afford to ignore small electrical issues as they are essentially guaranteed to get worse and worse over time. If you have to completely retire or replace a piece of equipment before it’s ready, you’re costing your business a great deal of money through your own inaction.

The Lyons Air Touch

At Lyons Air, we specialize in installation, repair, and maintenance for any type of electrical-based piece of equipment that you may have. Whether you have a small problem with your alternator, your lighting system is acting up, your air conditioning isn’t getting as cold as it used to or your pressuriser isn’t getting the job done in the way that you need it to, we’re here to help.

The backbone of our business is our well-stocked and well-organised warehouse that contains virtually any type of part that our auto electricians might need at a moment’s notice. From the moment that we get your call, one of our passionate and experienced team members will get the part that we need and get service to you as quickly as possible. We have electrical parts that are compatible with nearly any car, truck, or earthmover you own – regardless of its age.

Mobile Repair

Another one of the key benefits to teaming with Lyons Air is that we don’t require you to bring your faulty equipment to us – we’ll come to you. If your truck has an issue with a faulty starter, you can’t be expected to haul your equipment to us for inspection. Instead, we’ll come to you and handle all repairs, replacements, or upgrades on-site so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you’re in need of electrical repairs, contact Lyons Air today. We’ll take care of everything – from the parts to the systems and everything in between – so that you don’t have to worry about a thing and can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

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