Lower Your Risks With Regular Maintenance

Lyons Air Conditioning is a full service company specialising in mobile air conditioning, including auto air conditioning, truck air conditioning, mining air conditioning and more. We offer air conditioning and refrigeration equipment for sale direct to our clients—equipment like battery-powered portable fridges and compact rooftop air conditioning units. We can install integrated air conditioning systems into cars, trucks, equipment cabs and small buildings like office trailers and onsite cool-rooms. We can repair existing air conditioning systems, too. There’s another air conditioning service we provide, as well: air conditioning maintenance.

Picture This: the Cab Loses AC

You’re on the management team at a mine, and operations have ground to a halt—literally. It’s scorchingly hot, and the air conditioning in the excavator cabin has stopped working. You’ve put in a call to Lyons Air Conditioning, and within half an hour, we’ve got a team on their way in a mobile workshop stocked with parts. Upon arriving after a long drive, we discover that the system requires major repairs; we’ll have to replace the hoses, compressor and condenser. How many hours of work have been lost? How many dollars does that amount to? Surely there is a better way!

If you’d worked with Lyons Air Conditioning from the beginning, we would have had the full, current specs for the system on hand. If we’d been maintaining the system, then most likely it would not have broken down. However, if it had, then we would have been familiar with every component and its condition. The risk of a costly shutdown would have been greatly reduced, and if a critical air conditioning system had failed, we’d have been able to minimise the downtime. A faulty air conditioning system can cost you dearly.

Picture This: Your Truck Air Conditioning Fails

It’s the hottest part of the summer, and you’re driving through the outback, air conditioning on full blast. Dust is blowing around the cab, collecting at the edges of the windows. You’re listening to your favourite playlist and making good progress. Then you realise you’ve started to sweat. The air blowing from the vents isn’t cool anymore. After half an hour, you’re having trouble focusing. You try rolling down the window, but it makes things worse. You stop, discover you’re out of water and then soldier on. Before long, you’re feeling dizzy, sleepy and slightly nauseous. Will you make it to the next town? If you’d had Lyons Air perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning system, then this probably would not have happened. Was it worth the risk?

We’re a business that offers a range of services in a specialised area: mobile air conditioning in Perth and Western Australia. Because we have a local orientation, we’re able to offer a full range of systems, spare parts and expert services to our customers. If you haven’t taken advantage of our air conditioning maintenance service yet, then give it some thought. It will likely save you time and money, and it’s even possible that it could save a life.