Mining Means Dust – And You Need Proper Cabin Pressurisation

It’s no secret that mining is a dirty, dusty job. The summer heat and the rugged terrain of most mining operations combine to create a lot of dust and debris in the air. If you don’t have the proper cabin pressurisation in your mining equipment’s cabs, you could be breathing in all that dust. Naturally, that’s something you want to avoid. The dust itself isn’t good for your lungs, and you can end up with respiratory problems from breathing too much of it.
Rather than take the risk or feel like you have to wear a dust mask all the time, have your mining equipment checked for proper cabin pressurisation by a reputable company like Lyon’s Air Conditioning, and get any problems with that system repaired. The pressurisation and filtration systems in mining equipment cabins are generally interconnected, so if one is having trouble it’s likely that the other one is also experiencing difficulties. Just living with it may be the first thing you think of, but you don’t want to end up sick from the dust and dirt coming into the cabin. That level of dust can also damage the internal workings of the equipment and make the cabin uncomfortable.

You can avoid all of that with proper cabin pressurisation, as that will keep the dust from getting in and causing a problem. The system works to keep a constant pressure in the cabin, so the dust doesn’t have any way to get inside and anywhere to go. Even with a small amount of pressure, it’s possible to keep dust and dirt from getting into the cabin of any type of mining equipment. Depending on the particular job site where the equipment is being used, that could make a big difference between comfort for the equipment operator and a dusty, difficult work environment.

Lyon’s Air Conditioning can help ensure your mining equipment is well maintained and keeps proper pressurisation in the cabin, so you will have one less thing to worry about on your job site. Mining work can be stressful enough, without concerns over equipment failures and worker safety. Those issues can always come about, but it’s important to reduce them as much as possible. With the proper pressure in the equipment’s cabin, the risks for the operator will be greatly lowered and you can continue to keep your mining operation moving forward.

Equipment will last longer, work better, and require less maintenance when cabin pressurisation is kept at proper levels. Additionally, workers will be healthier and better able to perform their job duties. If you’re unsure whether the cabin pressurisation in your mining equipment needs servicing, or you’re noticing a lot of dust getting into the cabin and onto your workers, it may be time to have your mining equipment serviced. Speak to the friendly team at Lyon’s Air Conditioning who can advise you on servicing your cabin pressurisation system. That can help reduce the risk of further problems, and can make your mining operation easier and better overall. Reducing costs and providing a healthy work environment go a long way toward the success of any mining company.

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