Why Choose OEM Parts

There are many ways to get parts for your truck and mining equipment air conditioning, or for your construction and earthmoving equipment, but many of the parts you can buy are aftermarket. These are parts that are not made by the original company that designed and produced the vehicle or equipment you’re using, but those parts are still expected to fit and work in the same manner as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. Unfortunately, many times the aftermarket parts don’t really work as well – or last as long – as the OEM parts.

Why OEM?

Choosing OEM parts is the best idea for any equipment or vehicle you have, especially those that get a lot of use. When you select an OEM part you may pay a bit more, but you’re paying for quality and for the assurance that the part will work as well and last as long as the original. That’s very important, since you need to be able to rely on the parts you buy and the systems in your truck or equipment. In the brutal heat of summer, for example, having air conditioning that doesn’t work can slow productivity and even be dangerous.

If you buy aftermarket parts to fix that air conditioning, you may find that the parts don’t perform as well as expected. You can end up with an air conditioning system that still doesn’t work very well, or with parts that break quickly instead of lasting for a long time. That’s frustrating, and it can get expensive. Aftermarket parts may easily end up costing you much more than OEM parts would, simply because you have to keep replacing those parts more often and/or taking your vehicle in for service to have problems with the air conditioning corrected.

Lyons Air Conditioning Spares

Those kinds of issues can be more easily avoided with OEM parts, because they are made to the exact specifications as the original parts that were in your vehicle’s air conditioning system when it was purchased brand new. The parts fit better, last longer, and are better for the vehicle’s systems. That makes things easier on the entire air conditioning system and the rest of the mechanical parts that all work together to provide you with a piece of equipment or a vehicle that you can rely on to work properly and perform the way you want it to. Lyons Air Conditioning stock OEM, specialty and difficult to find parts for 4WD, truck and mining equipment.

Since OEM parts are created by the manufacturer, they often carry warranties and other valuable perks that you simply can’t get with aftermarket choices. That protects you in the event that the part doesn’t last as long as expected or there is some other problem with it, so you have fewer worries and more peace of mind regarding whether your vehicle’s air conditioning system is going to work as expected. On a mining or other type of job site there is enough to worry about and think about throughout the day. Having proper air conditioning that works well shouldn’t be something you need to spend time worrying over – and with OEM parts, you won’t have to. Lyons Air Conditioning offers a fully equipped mobile workshop service that can have your broken equipment repaired and back on the job ASAP.

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