Buying an Engel Portable Fridge

Engel portable fridges are popular in Perth because they possess a reputation for reliability and efficiency. It’s not just about the fridge, though. It’s also about where you buy that fridge and the kind of service and support you get from the company you purchase it from. When you purchase a fridge you’re happy with from a company you trust such as Lyons Air Conditioning, it’s a winning combination that you can really appreciate. Getting that fridge from Lyons Air where you can also get your auto electrical parts and automotive air conditioning helps ensure that you have everything in one place.

Engel: A Reputation for Quality

When you need any kind of service, you only have to go to one place, and you get to know the people who work there. That helps you build a good working relationship with Lyons Air as your auto electrical suppliers, so you can keep your vehicles, fridges, and everything else operating as efficiently as possible. Engel fridges have a great background, too, so you’re getting a quality product. It’s always nice to know that you’re getting a product you can trust, so you don’t have to worry about quality or warranty issues.

Engel has become an icon in Australia, with its fridges being wildly popular at home, on job sites, and in many different types of commercial and residential applications. They have been significant for over 50 years because of the strength and reliability they offer. Whether they are being bought for leisure or business, they are the perfect way to ensure that everything that needs to be cold stays cold. That can be very important on a job site, when the scorching heat of a Perth summer drives truck air conditioning to its limits.

Workers need other ways to stay cool besides the auto air conditioning or mining air conditioning they have in the vehicles they use on the roads and on the job site. With that in mind, it’s possible to use a portable fridge to keep drinks and food cold throughout the day. Since 1962, there have been over three million Engel portable fridges sold throughout the world, and a lot of them are still in use in Australia. People know the value that Engel brings to the job site and to the refrigeration market.

Lyons Air: Your One Stop Engel Shop

At Lyons Air, you can get great sales support and service for your Engel fridge. You also get auto electrical installation, repairs, and parts, so you can take care of all kinds of things for your job site right in one place. By using Lyons mobile repair workshops, you spend less time traveling around to have things fixed or replaced, and that can give you more of an opportunity to get the work done that has to get accomplished each day. Even if you have an Engel fridge from the 1980s, we can work on it and get parts for it, so you can keep your job site and employees working and comfortable.

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