Common Truck Air Conditioning Problems

Your truck air conditioning is very important, because it helps protect you from the heat of a Perth summer. Of course, your auto air conditioning isn’t going to keep you comfortable if it doesn’t work the way it should. There are some common truck air conditioning problems that can have your truck’s cabin getting warm and uncomfortable. Some of these problems are easy to fix on your own and have tips you can follow, but others require a professional to handle them like Lyons Air Conditioning. Taking your truck to Lyons Air that specialise in truck and mining air conditioning can mean a faster and better fix to any air conditioning problem.

Solutions Under One Roof

Lyons Air can fix your automotive air conditioning and supply quality, reliable auto electrical parts to keep your trucks, cars, and mining equipment working as well as possible. We even supply additional services such as portable fridges, auto electrical installation, and repairs. Having Lyons Air take care of all your auto electrical repairs at the same location, means you get to know and trust a company that will work for you and can diagnose your truck air conditioning problems before they escalate or cause other issues.

Common Problems

When it comes to your truck air conditioning, there are other problems to worry about beyond changing the filters to ensure that you’re getting enough airflow into the cabin. While those filters are important, they are generally not the main problem when your air conditioning stops working. The danger of clogged filters is that it restricts airflow, making it much harder for other components to work properly. Then you can end up overheating, overworking, and otherwise damaging components in your air conditioning system, which can cause it to quit working and can be a more expensive fix.

In addition to checking the filters, you may find that your truck air conditioning gets too warm when you accelerate quickly or use a lot of fuel climbing a hill or putting your truck’s engine under a heavy load. That can come from a lack of coolant, which is another common air conditioning problem. Even a tiny leak can mean you’ll lose coolant over time, and once you’ve lost some your air conditioning won’t perform the way it should. To fix that kind of a problem, you need experienced professionals who can find and stop the leak. Then they can put more coolant into the system so you can have a comfortable, air-conditioned truck cabin once again.

The Lyons Air Solution

When you choose an auto electrician in Perth, there are plenty of options. However, you don’t want to choose a random company. You need to choose an auto electrical supplier that you can trust to fix your air conditioning right the first time, and keep it running properly in the future. With the right diagnostics and testing, you can get your air conditioning fixed quickly, too, without a lot of trial and error that can take time and cost you extra money.

Lyons Air Conditioning has been Western Australia’s choice in auto air conditioning and electrical parts and service for 30 years. We stock a wide range of parts and portable fridges to keep you cool and on the road, and have a fleet of mobile workshops that can attend your location and restrict your downtime. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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